Seat Belt Buckle Repair

When it comes to safety, a seat belt in the most important part in a vehicle.  A lot of lives have been saved thanks to the seat belt. Many countries have now made it a mandatory procedure for all the occupants in the vehicle to wear a safety belt. If caught without wearing a seat buckle, you can either be fined or jailed.

Thanks to its umpteen uses, the seat belt also goes thru a lot of wear and tear. Your pets normally use them as teeters and enjoy making holes in them. Thanks to the constant pull, the seat belt buckle is hit the worst. There are times, it just stops working leaving the wearer of the belt extremely frustrated and irritated. You do not need to go to the car repair shop every time you need a seat belt buckle repaired. With the help of a screw driver and a new retractor, the seat belt buckle can be repaired easily. Let us see how.

To start with, you need to buy a seat belt buckle. They can be bought in any auto supply store. You then need to extend the belt to the end to check for any twists or cracks. Then, hold the old retractor straight and remove the seat belt out. If your car is old, it might not give way easily. You might find a build up of rust around the belt buckle. In that case, you would need some oil to loosen it up. If it still does not budge, you will need the help of a torque wrench and a lot of extra force. You have the option of removing the whole seat from the car if you want inspect the seat belt closely. You need to remove the screw of the current buckle with the help of a screw driver. Now, screw the new buckle with the help of the screw driver. Then thread the seat belt through the new buckle. Fit the bar under the belt buckle so that the buckle stays in place. Pull the seat belt out a couple of times to ensure that there is no hitch and the seat belt buckle is working properly. If the seat was taken out, you can now fix it back in place.

Most of the auto repair shops and car dealers always keep a stock of seat belts and seat belt buckles. The cost is not really high. However, Replacement, Auto Trust and Bolton are just a few of the companies that a lot of people normally use for a seat belt buckle repair or just a change of the car seat or belt buckle. If your car is less than a year old, I would suggest that you buy a replacement from the same car dealership or the same car manufacturer. It will help you save a lot of time and money.

In a day and age where everything except life can be bought at a price, it is safe to say that you should not risk your life for a mere $ 40. That’s right. $40 is the cost of a replacement seat belt buckle. Spend that $ 40 and keep yourself and your family safe.

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